Premarital/Pre-Engagement Package

We believe one of the best gifts you and your future spouse can give each other is the gift of being as prepared as possible for all of the ups and downs of married life. Part of that preparation should include premarital counseling.

Because we know you are already facing many other expenses associated with getting married, and because we believe so strongly in the importance of premarital counseling, we have chosen to discount the cost of premarital counseling by over 50%, compared to our normal session fee.

As such, the cost of premarital counseling is only $495, which covers all six sessions, plus a bonus seventh session six months after your wedding, should you choose to take advantage of it. Advance payment is required when you schedule your first appointment, with the option to either pay in full up front, or pay 1/2 now and 1/2 the day of your first session. Additionally, you will be responsible for the Prepare Assessment fee ($35.00) when it is assigned to you.


1. Schedule your first session.
2. Each person will need to complete a New Client Package.
3. Each person will complete the Personal and Family History. Do this independently, without consulting one another.
4. Come to Session One with your completed New Client Packages and Personal and Family Histories.



  • Cloud, Henry and John Townsend. Boundaries. Zondervan, 1992.
  • Ingram, Chip. “House or Home? - Eight Essentials for Becoming a Close-Knit Family.” (Available for download via a direct link your counselor will provide to you.)


(subject to change as needed)

Session 1 - Getting to Know Each Other

Session 2 - Foundations of Marriage/Overview of Prepare Results

Session 3 - PREPARE Analysis (part 1)

Session 4 - PREPARE Analysis (part 2)

Session 5 - PREPARE Analysis (part 3)

Session 6 - Intimacy Issues (the spiritual, emotional, and physiological issues of sex from a biblical perspective).