Trauma Recovery

Surviving a traumatic event is often a miracle in and of itself; however, rarely does one experience trauma without it impacting one’s emotional, spiritual, physical and/or mental health.  Trauma can occur in everyday situations: drastic changes in physical health, surviving a violent attack, natural disasters, war, or a debilitating car accident.  It can also occur as a result of a combination of repeated tragic events.  

While each person will be affected differently, symptoms of trauma often include anxiety, fear, eating disturbances, difficulty sleeping (or wanting to sleep all the time), and questions about God’s character.  Living life normally again can be a challenge, as the trauma influences how a person processes information and experiences life.  For healing to occur, it is vital for a person to process the after-effects of trauma with a trusting counselor that provides a welcoming, safe environment, at a pace that is comfortable for the client. The counselors at two(forty)counseling would consider it a privilege to walk through this journey with anyone still struggling from the impact of a traumatic event in their life.

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