Frequently Asked Questions

In short, you can expect to be listened to, accepted just as you are, and to be treated with dignity and respect.

The overall goal of the first session is to help you determine if the counselor you’re meeting with is right for you, and for the counselor to determine if your particular concerns are something with which he or she can help.

Finding the right counselor is very important. Several years ago it took visits to three different counselors before my wife and I found the one that was right for us. How did we know? It simply felt right; felt like the counselor understood us and our problems.

If at the end of your session we determine that for whatever reason we’re not the right fit for each other, we’ll be glad to give you the names of several other counselors in the area to whom we would refer friends and/or family. The important thing is that you get the help you need–whether with us, or with someone else.

We see clients Mondays through Thursdays from 8am to 6 pm. Appointments are available in-person and via telehealth.

Cash, check, or major credit card.

240 Counseling Center
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The counseling at two(forty)counseling is based on what is known as an “integrated approach.” Counselors using this model acknowledge the Bible as their ultimate authority and guide. They also recognize that all truth, whether espoused by a Christian or not, is God’s truth. Thus counselors working from an integrated position will incorporate various psychological theories in the counseling they do, knowing those theories can be used to do God’s work – helping heal those who are hurting.

No. Under Texas state law, counselors are not allowed to prescribe medication. With that said, we understand that medication is sometimes a necessity and will gladly refer you to a physician for evaluation if desired.

Absolutely not. It is our desire to provide quality, competent counseling to anyone in need, no matter their faith. We will incorporate as much or as little spiritual guidance as you desire.

By law, counselors in the state of Texas are required to maintain their client’s confidentiality at all times, with three limited exceptions:

  1. If the counselor deems you are in danger to yourself or others.
  2. If the counselor is made aware of child or elder abuse, or the likelihood of that abuse occurring.
  3. If the counselor is subpoenaed by the courts.

These are the only reasons confidentiality may be broken without your permission.

The cost per 45-minute session is based on your family’s gross annual income.

Gross Annual IncomeFee Per Session
$74,999 and less$150.00

Maybe. If your insurance company allows you to seek mental health benefits out of network, then there is a good chance they will reimburse you whatever percentage of “normal and customary charges” they have agreed to cover, less your deductible (if any). If you are part of an HMO, they will not pay for counseling through two(forty)counseling, as we have chosen not to be on provider panels for any insurance company.

Please see for detailed information on what is and what is not a qualified expense. There will be a $25 fee assessed to your account each time we are required by your insurance company to complete paperwork on your behalf.

No. However, we will provide you with a receipt for services that should suffice for you to file your own claim.

Unfortunately, this is a question that cannot be simply answered. Many clients are able to meet once a week for 6-12 weeks and that is sufficient. Others are meeting once a week for 6-12 months or more depending on the severity of their issue. During our first meeting, we will discuss with you a treatment plan that gives an estimate of how many sessions you will require.

The point-of-view of a Christian counselor is quite likely to be different than that of a secular counselor. Many secular counselors view religion with skepticism at best; often they view it with disdain. At two(forty)counseling, we understand that apart from Christ, true healing can never occur. For that reason, we are always mindful of where a client is spiritually and how that will impact their current situation, and we are always seeking to integrate God’s truth into all that we say and do.