counseling for adults

two(forty)counseling offers both individual and couple’s counseling. From anxiety to depression to addiction, whatever your struggle may be, chances are I can help. With over 16 years of experience working with a wide variety of issues, I will work hard to customize my approach to your unique circumstances and needs.

Counseling for teens

Teenagers today face unique challenges those just five or ten years ago never even had to consider.  Like adults, teens face a wide variety of stressors and issues that sometimes are too much to handle on their own.

That’s where my years of experience working with teens come in. I will work hard to help your teen* with whatever struggles he or she may be facing, all-the-while keeping you informed on the progress being made. 

*Currently scheduling teens 15 years of age and older


Because at two(forty)counseling we so strongly believe in the importance of premarital/pre-engagement counseling, we have created a specially priced package for couples considering marriage that fulfills all of the requirements of a Marriage Education Class for the State of Texas, saving you $60 on the cost of your marriage license.

Click here for detailed information on the premarital/pre-engagement counseling we offer.

Although not an exhaustive list, for further information on some of the issues we address, see: